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An Open Letter to our Baby Boy.


Next month is approaching fast and it hurts my heart to think that we should have been buying your gifts and organising a party for your first birthday.


I spent a long time crying, just like I did last year as we approached your due date. I'm sure you'd be suitably embarrassed by how emotional Mammy can get.

But this year for your birthday we are going to honour you, to celebrate the short time you were here and the impact you had on our lives.

You see, we may not have held you in our arms but you have taught us so much.

You've taught us to love so much harder, because life can be short. We don't know what lies ahead so we must make the most of what we have today.

You allowed me to find my confidence. Without you I don't know would I have made the changes in my life that I have. I'm fitter then I've ever been, I'm embarking on a career that excites me.

You made me realise how important it was to share our story, to keep your memory alive and to also show other women that they aren't alone.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could change things, but now I understand that the world just wasn't ready for you yet. Because , my little man, if this is what you've done by just being here for a short time I can only imagine what could have been. You were destined for great things from the very beginning. Dress Affordable halter top wedding dresses

Do you see us when we look for you in the sky at night? Does it make you happy to hear your sisters talk about you?

I hope we make you proud. I hope you know that just because I don't cry as much it isnt because you mean any less. I smile for you.

So on the 21st of July Harry...look down and watch your birthday party unfold. Be the breeze that helps your sisters blow out your birthday candle. Smile with us, laugh with us, and most of all remember just how loved you are.

Mammy xxx

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