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Marilyn asks: Has anyone had a toddler who had recurrent balanitis? I am hoping to get an idea of how it might manifest for different children, and have a few questions:
1) how old was/is your tot?
2) does he have a tight foreskin?
3) how often has he had balanitis?
4) what was the recommended treatment? ...
5) is there anything I can do to ease tightness in foreskin/reduce the recurrence of balanitis?
Our pd has mentioned to keep an eye on how frequent this occurs and suggested that we MAY have to resort to circumcision if it does not resolve.. However, I have read that it can take up to age 6 for foreskin to loosen?

I hope it does not come to this but am wondering: Would it be better to undertake circumcision earlier in life so as to reduce trauma/memory or does it not make a difference? Or is it better to do it when they are older so that they have a better understanding of what is happening? affordable bridesmaid wears for wedding party


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