cheap homecoming dresses

Homecoming and Q baby's truck is not starting... Bless his heart... Trying to jump it... Wanted this to just be a easy going day for him... He's in love with his clothes...I wanted him to wear dress clothes, but he wanted western... Went to McKinney's... HOLY MOLY ? .... WOW not cheap, but when he came out of the dressing room I saw what I'm assuming mother's get to see when their daughters find "the one" that perfect ? .. He looked down and then up at me with the best smile on his face pressing his hands on it smoothing it out...I could tell he felt amazing in it...I said " this is the one isn't it"... He very fastly shook his head with a definite YES... Me and the lady helping us both smiled ...I went over and looked again and grinded my teeth at the price tag and said ok we'll take this one... it really does feel so good though... Like butter on your body... Funny thing is I wouldn't spend half of that on a shirt for me... What is it about our kids???... Doesn't matter ... he and I are excited about tonight as are all the kids and their parents, so let's wish them all (kids and parents) a safe and Happy HOCO 18... cheap homecoming dresses