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Hello, I'm looking for possible information or advice. I just had an early ultrasound done yesterday morning, and I'm a little worried. During the ultrasound, the nurse was first doing her measurements, checking my uterus, then my fallopian tubes. When she finally showed me the screen, she described to me the gray imagining being my uterus and a small black hole like an image. The small black image, she said would be the sack but we wouldn't expect to see much at only 5 weeks ... . BUT, there was another small black image just behind the first one. She said possibly twins, but being that I don't have a family history of twins, and I don't think my boyfriend does either. I'm thinking it's the latter of the two possibilities. Which is an ectopic pregnancy? Has anybody else experienced this? What happens with an ectopic pregnancy? Does it work itself out or does something has done surgically to sort it out? Or has anybody had the same experience, and it was actually twins? I have another ultrasound next Wednesday, and by then she says we'd be able to better tell. I'm really nervous and can't wait another week. crop top items to wear of the wedding

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