evening wears in short style

I went to the optician's today to get a full eye test as I have been suffering from major headaches all week especially with pain behind my left eye, and since I cancelled my appointment back in October due to a certain overseas holiday my sissy and I were going on, and had failed to rebook I was long overdue to get my eyes checked. evening wears in short style
I am now looking down the barrel of having to get new glasses for both up close and distance as my eyesight has deteriorated since my last visit. ...
I also have to get a freckle behind my right eye checked every year since it's no different to any freckle on the "outside" of your body and can turn cancerous......thankfully it hasn't changed in colour or size so is still A-OK.
Anyway, now the process of choosing frames begins (even though I really like the frames I've got), but since it takes three weeks to get the new lenses made I sure as heck can't do without my glasses for THAT long so have to pick new ones. Oh the pain of old age ;-)

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