flower girl wears in red

What is it with men's noses and ability to smell?
Me: (In kitchen, Monday) What smells bad? Does trash need to be taken out?
Randy: Nope, trash empty
Me: Dishwasher full?
Randy: Nope, all clean ...
Me: Hmmm, something stinks. Dead mouse?
Randy: Nope, traps empty
Me: Did you look?
Randy: Yep, don't see anything that would smell.

Me: (Today) Damn, what is that smell?
Me: (Inspecting bag of potatoes, now no longer solid, but liquid) Ewww. Throw them out, spray 409, clean up, spray again Lysol. Spray Febreze. Smell now better but stuck in nose memory. flower girl wears in red

Why am I the only nose that can search that out?

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