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# FactFriday - VEAL IS A DAIRY PRODUCT. That's right, Veal is a direct result of the dairy industry. Dairy cows are only valuable to dairy farmers and corporations if they produce milk. The only way they can do that (like all mammals) is to be pregnant. So the dairy industry repeatedly artificially inseminates dairy cows on a device referred to in the industry as the "rape rack". When pregnant dairy cows give birth, the babies are taken away immediately so that the mother's mil ... k can be sold for profit instead of fed to the baby calf for whom nature intended it. The mother cows are re-inseminated and the cycle repeats itself over and over and over until they are about four or five years old. Their exhausted bodies, spent from this cycle of biological exploitation and abuse of their reproductive systems, cannot handle the stress and these cows are sent off to slaughter at a fraction of their natural life span of 20-25 years.

When female calves are born, they suffer the same fate as their mothers, being rapidly enslaved into the system of impregnation and milk production. Male calves however, are entirely useless to the dairy industry. Veal is the dairy industry's answer to the question of what to do with non milk-producing male calves. Like their sisters, male calves are pulled away from their mothers within hours of birth. They are then put in extreme isolation pens that limit their physical movements. They are fed a low-iron diet designed to keep them anemic as this produces the signature pale white/pinkish color flesh this cruel "delicacy" is know for. These little baby boy cows never see the light of day, never know their mothers love, consume a totally unnatural diet in an unnatural environment and are slaughtered for their flesh at just 4 months of age while still just babies! items that can see through to wear of the prom

If you choose to not eat veal because it's cruel- and it is- then please ask yourself why you choose to consume other dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. Veal is the flipside of the same coin that is milk and cheese. Veal is a product of the dairy industry. Now you know.

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