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Hi, we stayed in the CBeebies hotel and had 2 day passes to the park. The hotel was amazing, can't fault it our little girl loved every second.
What wasnt so good was the park! We had a 2 day digi pass which they only set up for 1 day. The second day nobody wanted to know, it took nearly 2 hours out of our day to correct, and even now all photos taken after we sorted it still arent on there anyway.

We went round all on site resturants and none of them had allergy folders or even wanted to know as soon as we said we had a milk allergy. In one restaurant the women said "just to be safe lets say everything has milk in" really helpful, we will just die of starvation then. In the rollercoaster restaurant not only did they not have a clue about allergies the girl was trying to tell me we dont have an allergy to milk its an intolerance, I didn't realise you employed doctors to work in your restaurants and yes it is a milk allergy. The only place we could eat was the food court in the pirate section (Eastern Express) but even though they have a food allergy sign up showing all ingredients in each meal our 17 month old daughter still came out in a severe rash all over her body and mouth, so either the information was incorrect or they are cross contaminating foods even though we advised them we had a milk allergy. items to wear of the party

Now I'm not against smoking but I do like the fact Alton Towers is a non smoking park, with lots of designated smoking areas. What I didn't like was seeing people walking around all parts of the park even in CBeebies Land smoking and with staff just walking past them. I challenged 1 member of staff about it and he said "every one just smokes where ever they want nothing I can do". How is it non smoking if the staff dont even challenge people who are smoking?

Also the rides, now we know our daughter is young and small but looking ahead on the app it still looked as though there was plenty for her to do. On arrival we found what the app says is different to at the park. For instance the app says Justin's House pie o matic factory "If your height is greater than 0.9m, then you must be an adult accompanying children". Yet on arrival at Justin's House the staff informed us the minimum height is 0.9m. Completely different to what the app states.

Safe to say we wont be revisiting the park again any time soon and I advise anybody with food allergies to think twice before visiting aswell.