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A few weeks ago Tony and I found out that I was pregnant. Having had a couple of recent miscarriages we were more nervous than excited, especially as I started to bleed quite quickly. However my blood tests came back as tracking in the right direction and I was booked in for a scan a couple of weeks later.

We never made it to that scan, a niggling pain and discomfort in my abdomen I'd had for a couple of weeks suddenly got much worse and on 7th May I was diagnosed with a rup ... tured ectopic pregnancy which is life threatening and required emergency surgery to remove both the embryo (which was still growing) and the Fallopian tube.

Ectopic pregnancies occur at a rate of about 1 in 80/90 or 1.14% of pregnancies. It happens at about the same rate as twins - think of all the sets of twins you have met or known...I know 5.

In 50% of cases (including ours) there is no identifiable cause.

The symptoms of an ectopic are:
-missed period (even with a negative pregnancy test - it's not unusual to have a negative test with an ectopic as hormone levels are often lower)
-vaginal bleeding
-abdominal pain (particularly to one side but not necessarily and it may come and go)
-discomfort when you pee or poo
-shoulder tip pain (which is weird and not like a pain I've experienced before)
-Fainting or feeling faint/sick

I had almost all of these symptoms at one point or another in the two weeks before I was diagnosed but I dismissed many of them because they're not that unusual: abdominal pain is quite common when pregnant and could be ligaments stretching or trapped wind, discomfort when I needed to pee was more likely to be a UTI (test came back negative just a couple of days before) and bleeding was probably the start of another miscarriage or a hematoma which I'd had with our second miscarriage. It was only when I had the shoulder tip pain and felt faint and sick that I started to panic, but this only lasted a little while (even though it was a sign of internal bleeding) and so even then I wasn't sure. items with lace decorated back to wear of the wedding

But something something didn't feel right. If I hadn't trusted that feeling I might not be here today.

So please, if you have some of these symptoms please call your GP or early pregnancy unit and ask for advice, particularly if you suspect you might be pregnant (and for some of these symptoms you might need to call an ambulance).

Don't worry that you're being overly concerned about small things. Don't leave it as long as I did.

You can read more about ectopic pregnancies and their symptoms here:

While this is very personal to us we want to share our experience to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancies and the dangers they can present.

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