items with white color to wear that looks cute

Experiences with Ectopic pregnancies? Anyone? My lmp was April 19th, i went to the er may 24th over a little bleeding, they done an ultrasound and seen nothing.. the next day i started bleeding a little heavier ( but not soaking a pad) so I thought i thought I was having a miscarriage (I have had 2 before) anyway I went to family health care to have my levels checked ( in the er it was only 24) yesterday, June 7th, it was 57, today June 8th i went to W&C and it was at 75.. items with white color to wear that looks cute ... They done a transvagial ultra sound ( again) and seen nothing.. I have a cyst on my left ovary... but he said he didn't think it was an ectopic pregnancy, I've been reading upon it and i feel like I'm having the sympotoms.. I am hurting in my left lower belly.. And pain radiating to my lower back... I would appreciate any information you guys can give bc I can't get any answers from the dr..

Rp by Amy

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