ivory colored items to wear of the prom

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I have a question I am wondering what other mommy's experience with ectopic pregnancy was. What was the pain like , does everyone bleed ? When did you find out? I had a baby about 3 months ago and maybe 5 days before my post partum appointment I had sex on the 25th of april. Exactly a week later I bled lightly on and off for two days. Then on maybe the 10th of may I had a really light period That wasn't normal. Ive been having horrible pain on ... my right side and under my rib cage I get horrible pain and sometimes it's hard to breathe. At the beginning when the pain started my neck hurt alot and I could feel my pulse in my hands and my heart in my chest beat really fast. I also had pain in the middle and lower back and in my right side all the way over to the front where my pelvis is. I'd get sharp pains. Now under my ribs still hurt alot and now my side pain makes it so I can't walk and makes me find a position that doesn't hurt. I have constant aching pain but the sharp pains come and go and are getting worse. I went into urgent care thinking it was UTI or maybe kidney stones . They ran many test and everything came out negative. I had them do a pee test for pregnancy and it came up negative. After that it came to mind I had an ectopic because of my symptoms so I took another test myself and there was a faint line took another and there was nothing there. I noticed doctors and nurses don't really listen to what I have to say because I'm 19 and I'm kinda shy and theyre prof but I have this feeling that there's something wrong. I'm going to schedule another appointment but I'd like to know what you ladies experienced. From conception date i would be 10 weeks give or take. ivory colored items to wear of the prom

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