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A relationship exists between joints on one side of the body that links them together with those on the opposite side based on the central integration of movement. Dr. George Goodheart intimated this linkup in early studies related to gait and in a simple diagnostic and therapeutic method he called, "Ligament Interlink". lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the prom occasion

Dr. Joe Shafer has developed his early concepts into a clinical protoco ... l whereby peripheral joint soft-tissue (f.ex. ligaments and capsule) may be individually evaluated and treated using an advanced 'interlink' treatment. The method is so effective that a single treatment will eliminate the chronic protective circuitry that is retained following injury recovery.

The lecture will cover only one joint and two joint tissues, the annular and quadrate ligaments of the elbow. Dr. Shafer will discuss the importance of these often-injured ligaments and their effect on elbow stability and the development of peripheral entrapment syndromes into the forearm and hand.

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