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Reading about the traces of drugs found Carrie Fisher's body led me to look up to see how long these drugs remain in the system. The quote from this article got my attention: "... it (heroin) is often combined with ketamine, cocaine, diphenhydramine, alprazolam, and MDMA (ecstasy)." long sleeved prom party items

It's sad to think about how our beloved celebrities have these killer habits and/or addictions. They're not or ever who we think they are. Perception is not reality. Such is Hollywood.

She may not have been an addict but those drugs have such a deep pull. It's a dance on the edge of a steep cliff. They apparently didn't cause her death but they certainly didn't help prevent it and I'm sure they were a factor.

How Long Can Heroin Stay in Your System? Heroin acts swiftly in the body but its effects last for hours and it days to be eliminated from the system. It has a high risk of interactions.verywell.com | By Verywell See more from Verywell .