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Well I've been working kinda hard at learning computery crap, figuring out Facebook, online computer classes. I still don't like it. It's amazing what can happen when you don't pay attention, if you are reading this you probably haven't noticed. It turns out that computers replaced alot of stuff that I thought was pretty cool, like tape decks and books. As a result our society found itself with some pretty cool buildings used only to store a bunch of now useless pape ... r. About the same time we decided to spend all our money on war and other stupid stuff instead of public mental health services. So here is what they did, instead of selling the libraries to housing development firms they now store untreated mental health issues and books that nobody is ever going to read again. Clever way to save money but it s hard to concentrate with all the weirdos scratching and muttering. I hope that there is a book on how to get rid of scabies in here somewhere. mother of the bride dresses with jackets

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