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us moms (or is it we moms? i don't know?!) do so much for our babies. we build them from scratch in our wombs. we don't eat tuna and cold cuts, we stay away from caffeine and sushi.... we crave haagen daaz chocolate ice cream with gobs of creamy skippy peanut butter. hell, maybe we crave that nightly and make hubbies run to the local super market for it. we do this for 40 weeks. sometimes longer. sometimes shorter. and then we go through birth- be it vaginal or c-section w ... e give our bodies to birth these babies that we built.

and then after it all? we are left with 30, 40, 50, 60 plus pounds of weight to try and take off.

we see the excess skin on our bellies. the stretch marks on our inner thighs. the grueling process of making life and the toll it takes on us.

and one day we wake up, sick of it. wanting to feel alive again. wanting to feel less like moms and more like women. we want to feel sexy again. stretch marks and all.

and so we do it. we watch what we eat, we hit the gym when we can, and then we start to feel like our old selves.

we glow. we feel good. we feel healthy. we feel like we do more than just change diapers and make breakfast and lunch and dinner and do laundry and watch this is us.

like michelle here. michelle tore her body apart building twins. and after she birthed them not four months later did she find out she was pregnant again. her life was turned upside down. caring for baby twins while her body made another beautiful child. her life revolves around these amazing kids and the past six months she decided its not all about them. its about her too. she runs around with a one year old and two two year olds and is an amazing mom who remembers its about her being happy too. one shoulder asymmetrical wedding selections

michelle, you are my second favorite brazilian ;-) i am so proud of you and so happy you are happy. i know your life is insane- i witness it a couple times a year and i always say the same thing "I DONT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT". but you do. and you are awesome at it. i am ecstatic that you are one of so few of us moms who just stop and take time for US and do what makes US happy.

my point?

don't forget girls, that we aren't just moms. that we are more than that. we are strong, powerful women, and we can do ANYthing. you want to start going to the gym? go. you want to learn how to paint? go take a class. you want to look down at your hands and see your nails done? go get a manicure. do whatever it is that will make you feel like YOU again.

be proud of who you are, what you became, and the lives you made from scratch.

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