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Mamas don't let your babies grow up to eat pennies! Florence had been throwing up bile for a little over a week. So I googled the possible causes – 1) she's become allergic to the food I've been giving her 2) too much fat in her food 3) instead of two larger meals a day I should feed her three or four smaller meals a day 4) possible obstruction in her intestine. So last night, of course, in the middle of the night I hear they familiar "Yac tack, yac yack, yac yack...."and I l ... eapt out of bed and grabbed an old towel and wiped up the bile that, naturally, she had thrown up on my mid-century carpet. I threw the towel in the bathtub. This afternoon I went to wash out the towel. As I shook it, guess what fell out? A half eaten penny. Who knew that a little bit of zinc in pennies can be very toxic to a small dog? So, vet, bloodwork, x-rays to make sure there were no more pennies in her intestines, antibiotics because she was running a fever, anti-nausea meds - so that she could hold some of her food down, and charcoal to absorb any of the other leftover toxics that were in her system. $317 later, hopefully Flo is on the mend. I better go sell another house-stat!!! prom selections in black

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