short and mini items in red

Dear God,
Please, please, please have mercy.... I know every time we say..... We have had all we can take you give more to prove ourselves wrong.... but really...... I play ball, i play hard, I always step up to bat when you ask but 4 realz I need a time out...... I'm begging.... I was really hoping that it was a piece of food stuck in my gum/tooth that was causing some pain last night, I wasn't happy when it was swollen when I woke up, then you siked me out by having the sw ... elling go down & pain ease all afternoon & I thought I was lucky..... but here I sit with the pain & swelling creeping back in...... I been salt washing all day..... I'm not gonna give up hope, I'm praying that I will wake in the morning & this will have passed!!!!! I know you can do this for me, pleeeeaaaaaassssssse. If not I got to go get an antibiotic & then deal with the dreadful dentist which I really really do not want to do! Please hear my cries, please have mercy. short and mini items in red
Amen, Bridget

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