short sleeve wedding dresses

Summertime is awesome. BBQs, cold adult beverages and lazy summer days. What is not awesome, is how easy it is to forego healthy eating and your workouts while you move from one gathering to the next, trying to cram in the most fun possible while the sun is shining. I know my summer has been full of fun, but I also find myself skipping, or shortening my workouts, and eating till I'm stuffed. I need to stay on track. I want to help you get or stay on track with your workouts a ... nd healthy eating! I coach people one on one, but now I'm teaming up with Beachbody and Shakeology to offer online coaching as well! Now I can coach anyone, anywhere. I have been trying the many awesome workouts Beachbody has to offer and tinkering with my Shakeology smoothies. Love, love. Deadline to join is August 7th, and I'll be your online coach! Accountability and encouragement no matter how many miles may separate us! I have 8 spots open for August and all levels of fitness are welcome. Message or comment below. Let's help each other reach our goals! with short sleeve wedding dresses Dianne Sykes

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