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Ten Magick Spells
That Work Every Time

Magick IS real!

Spell One: To Obtain Beautiful Skin with Mercurial Washing
In the early morning, soon after dew has fallen, pass through a field with a wad of cotton tied to a rope and collect the dew. Squeeze the dew into a bottle and leave it in the sun for seven days. Wash your skin with this water to make it bright and clear.

Spell Two: To Strengthen Male Virility
Take the yoke of an egg. Mix it together with one part cinnamon and one part camomile juice. Mix thoroughly, then leave the mixture sit for one hour. Cover the genitals thoroughly with the mixture and leave it there for another hour before showering it away. Potency will be greatly increased immediately following.

Spell Three: For More Intense Pleasure With Your Partner.
Take the juice of 5 lemons and marinate in half a liter of water for a whole week in the sunlight. Take this mixture and filter it with linen or a paper filter. Add 5 cloves and two cinnamon sticks. Let it stand for another week. Filter the entire mixture again. Before celebration use drops on the sensitive areas to augment pleasure.

Spell Four: To Attract Your Soul Mate
On the first day of the New Moon take leaves of ivy, fig, or palm. Tie them together with string made from pieces of grass. once you have them tied together pleasure yourself, but do not reach orgasm before cooling down. Wait until you must urinate, then cover them with your urine, saying: "Like this fire, so shall burn my love and that of the woman or man of my dreams who shall be attracted by me forever." Once said, burn the entire mixture over a hot flame. Place the ashes in a small pouch and carry them on you until your soul mate appears. Once this occurs, disperse the ashes in a watercourse.

Spell Five: For Conceiving a Child
The male is the Sun and the female the Moon. During the period of her fertility, the female should visualize that inside her uterus a fire lights as large as a white pearl. Then from white the flame becomes yellow, then orange and red and shines like a star. She should repeat this for three days. Meanwhile, the male should visualize bright particles of energy in his testicles swirling luminously in a circle that slowly become yellow, orange, and bright red while continuing to swirl. He should also repeat this for three days. After three days of this preparation, let the female and the male come together, celebrating union with the intention of creating a child. During this union, let the partners each breathe slowly and deeply, sharing breath through their noses close to one another. Let him visualize, that the luminous particles in his testicles raise, gather in his nostrils, then pass from his nostrils into hers. Meanwhile, let her imagine that her red pearl grows larger and larger until it completely envelops the two of them while making love. Once this is completed, the two may relax and merely enjoy their lovemaking. This is an extremely powerful alchemical method for facilitating procreation. yellow color wear for mother of the bride

Spell Six: To Attract Good Health
On a rainy day collect a bottle filled with rain water. Lay the bottle out in the open both day and night for at least seven days, so it becomes loaded with both solar and lunar influences. When this is accomplished, take the bottle and preserve it in a dark place. Meanwhile, fill a pot with some soil and plant a seed. Any plant will do, as long as it does not have spines or thorns. Water the plant with normal water, but with a tablespoon of water from the bottle added. As the plant grows, your health will grow stronger and with great stability the stronger that the plant grows. Should the plant die, merely plant a new seed immediately before the other one dies, collecting and preparing rainwater as before. Should yo live in a place where it does not rain frequently, river water will also work. However, water from a lake, the sea, or stagnant waters should definitely not be used for this operation.

Spell Seven: Relief From Headache of Stomach Pain
Take the leaves of white willow and place them to soak in a jar filled with 10 parts water and 1 part pure alcohol. Seal the jar. After 10 days, open it and filter everything. Set aside the macerated leaves and take the liquid so obtained. Heat the liquid to boiling then place the macerated leaves in the liquid and boil for 20 minutes. Allow to cool normally. Place the mixture in a clear glass jar and lay it out exposed to the sky, but only at night, for at least seven days. Filter the mixture and discard the leaves. The resulting liquid can be massaged into the scalp for headache or rubbed onto the stomach for stomach ache. You may also wash the head with it for more severe headache.

Spell Eight: For Woment To Maintain A Youthful And Attractive Face
Collect morning dew, at least a quart, and put it in a clear bottle. Then lay the bottle exposed to the sky, at least 28 days out in the open, for one full lunar cycle, beginning from New Moon until the next New Moon. Once accomplished, the bottle now has a complete lunar dew charge, and you should wash your face with it. Your face gradually becomes fresher and younger looking. Men will look at you with inexplicable, renewed interest because to their eyes you have a subtle, slightly luminous aura - characteristic of the Moon.

Spell Nine: Fascination Spell For Men
It 'a very ancient secret. Take wheat grains, place them in a saucepan and let them heat for 20 minutes. Then shut off and let cool. Take the grains and place them in a small bottle where there is pure alcohol. Leave them exposed to the sky for at least 7 days, but only during the day removed at sunset. Open the bottle and remove them. Take what's left of the grains, let them dry, then put them in a pan burning them completely. When they are completely burned, they should be ashes. Take this ash, put it into a bottle with alcohol and shake. Then let it settle. When you see that all of the ash is deposited at the bottom (after takes about 2 or 3 days), filter the alcohol and keep only the clear part. Before leaving to go to appointments merely take a cotton ball and rub a bit of the alcohol on your hands and on the center of the forehead (Be careful not to get it in the eyes because it burns a lot). Your charm will increase considerably.

Spell Ten: To Obtain Answers in Dreams
Take chamomile and wrap it in green colored paper. Make a small package. Draw the symbol of the Full Moon on the paper and leave the packet open at night exposed to the night sky for at least 28 days (New Moon to New Moon). After this period, take the packet and open it. Take the chamomile and use it to make an herbal teas before going to bed. While you drink the tea, concentrate on the question that you want answered and the answer will come in a dream.